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Tecno Camon Cx Tricks – Things I can Do with Tecno Camon CX

Hello dear reader today I will be sharing with you tecno camon cx tricks and hidden features of this great phone.

 Tecno Camon Cx tricks
 Tecno Camon Cx

Ever since Tecno Camon CX enter market many that got the phone actually don’t know the hidden features and things they can use it and do other than answering calls and internet usage.

When I discovered that tecno camon cx tricks are of high demand from my blog readers. Then I decided to cool down and explore this mobile phone.
They are so many tricks and features hidden in TecnoCamon Cx. These features can help solve most problems faced by the phone.

I know you will be amazed by tecno camon cx tricks of course am sure that you will be surprise with the things you can do with your Tecno Camon CX.

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Let’s get started…..

Hidden Features of Camon CX - Tecno Camon Cx Tricks

The following are what I discovered after 3 weeks of usage. I borrowed the mobile phone from my cousin who is using it.

So note that all I will say is from experience. Don’t miss any line now steps to get complete tecno camon cx tricks. And enjoy using the phone.

 Tecno Camon Cx tricks

Steps To Recover Contact With Tecno Camon CX

Have you mistakenly deleted your mobile phone contact. I experienced this, while I was using the phone I browsed through it day and night. Though I mistakenly deleted a friend’s phone number which I later discovered.

I swear, this is amazing feature of tecno camon cx.

They are various ways you can recover your lost phone.

  • 1.     Make sure you backup your contact or move it to SIM to avoid total failure and lose. In similar manner you can back up the contacts by copying it to PC.
  • 2.     Account recovery using Gmail. You can synchronize google free account to the available 15GB space for you. Any time you need it. It is all about exporting your contact to your Google account. So that you will access it when you need it.

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How to Download Youtube Files Using Camon CX

Another Tecno Camon Cx Tricks I found interesting is the use of the phone to download YOutube files. Many Tecno Camon CX users don’t know of thing. When I discovered this, I started using the phone to download videos for my youtube channel.

With the phone you download youtube videos straight to you phone. Although this Tecno Camon Cx Tricks for downloading youtube Videos does not work for the phone only, you can use it in other smartphones.

See How you can do it..

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Tecno Camon Cx Tricks how to Download Youtube Videos With Camon CX

Camon CX allows direct installation application that will help you download video from Youtube direct.

NOTE: that this app is not on playstore so I will be providing a link for you to download it or better Search on Google TUBEMATE.

Make sure you download from their official website. If you have done that follow the steps below to set it up.

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Set Up The following

  • ·        Go to your phone setting and then click on Security.
  • ·        Select Device Administration and then Click unKnown Source To Enable the App Installation.

Now install the app. TUBEMATE has same feature like Youtube.

This app has same feature and interface like Youtube. For you to download video click the green arrow at the lower right of the player. The click download button when it appears.

 Tecno Camon Cx tricks and tips

How To Increase Your Battery Life - Tecno Camon Cx Tricks

You might be wondering how will I do that. Don’t worry I will tell you all you need to know about this Tecno Camon CX hidden feature.

Increasing your battery life is a simple trick. This can be possible by using cable with two ends and connect both of those end to a USB portals.

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Final Words On Tecno Camon Cx Tricks

Those tricks mentioned above were gotten from a week exploration and time spent using the phone. I will update this blog on Tecno Camon Cx Tricks, if I discover any new trick. Camon CX is quite an amazing phone with great features. I will say, if you are using Tecno Camon CX. You don’t really know what you are have, because it can do many things that you don’t really know.

If you have any question or idea to concerning this blog post, maybe we missed something. If you discover any new trick do well by letting others know using the comment box below. This blog post on Tecno Camon Cx Tricks will be updated if our team found your opinion useful.

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