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NNU Registration Guide: Read This Before Your Register For NNU Income Platform

Are searching about NNU registration, read this post for full guide and how you can make money fast with nnu income platform.

NNU Registration

I joined NNU income by July 2018; I must say it has been another experience of money making online. At my first month I wasn’t serious with the earning platform.
I just did it to take the risk by registering with onetime payment of N1,600.

To my greatest surprise, I got my first payment same month. Although it was too small compared to what others earn. Below is screenshot and prove that the platform is legit and not scam.

NNU Income Earning Proof

NNU Registration
Alert Prove For NNU Income Program

By this month I will be receiving huge amount of money as compared to last time. Below is a screenshot of my NNU income dashboard. I have mapped out my plan to make my earning bigger this month.

NNU Registration
My NNU Dashboard Containing This Month Earning

Now that you know NNU Income program is not a scam, why not go ahead with NNU Registration.


When the page opens

NNU Registration Guide
NNU Registration Page

Fill in your correct details – Your Name (First and Last name)

Active email address and phone number.

Then you can proceed to make payment either using ATM card or coupon code.
You can contact me for your coupon code easy access, with it your account will be automatically approved once you click make payment.

Whatsapp or Call me using +2348104128059

Cost of coupon code is N1, 600 (the same as onetime payment involved)

NOTE: Am not a coupon code vendor but I can help you get it for fast account approval.

Many end up creating accounts that will never be approved, so be wise and don’t fall to it.

If you have are ready then complete your NNU registration and start earning

But wait!!

Before you register why not check out the following things you should know about the NNU income Platform.

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NNU Registration: Important things you should know about NNU Income Program

One can’t start what he or she doesn’t know. As an experienced online entrepreneur and a member of the community. I will be sharing with you; how you can make money on the platform without stress, and you will earn massively.

How NNU Income Platform Works

There are two ways one can make money from NNU income program.


NARS Method of Money Making

NNU Registration Guide
Make Money While Read News

Once you are done with nnu registration. The easiest way to make money is from NARS method.

As NNU means “Nigeria News Update” and it is a platform you get paid for reading and enjoying trending News and wonderful life tips.

Here you earn by Daily login into your account, Reading and commenting, and sharing of sponsored post to social media platform (Facebook and twitter).

Daily Login: NNU income platform gives you opportunity to earn N50 immediately you login into your account daily. That means that any day you login into your account, you earn N50 automatically.

Let’s do little calculation; imagine you login into your account for 30 days in a month. This means that you will earn

50 X 30 = N1, 500

Interesting that’s great, just login can fetch you that monthly.

Reading and Commenting: After NNU registration is complete and your account is approved. You can start making money using this method.
Each news post you read and make meaningful comment, your account will successfully be credited with N2.

Don’t say is small, if you accumulate it then is huge. My friend Gabriel earns N1, 000 from reading and commenting on news daily.

Sharing Sponsored Post: By daily sharing of sponsored post, which they give one post per day. You will earn N100.

By posting it on your twitter or Facebook timeline you have made yourself N1, 00.
Although is a post per day.

With Nars means I earn N10,000 every month comfortably without stressing myself. Instead of me reading and commenting on people post on Facebook I rather do that on NNU website where it can fetch me few bucks.

You have seen that NARS method is one of the easiest methods of making money on NNU income platform once you are done with NNU registration.


NAP Method: NNU Affiliate Program

This is the best method of making money on NNU income program. Here you earn 62.5% per each referral. This money will come from the onetime payment of N1, 600.
If you refer someone and the person registers under you, then you earn N1, 000  when the person have made his or her NNU income registration and account is approved.

Wow this means is cool


You earn huge, while you do less work

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How can I Get Unlimited Referral on NNU income Platform

Many people are searching for genuine and legit way to make money online. So it is not hard stuff to get referral. I will show you little trick I use to get unlimited referral each day.

1.     I post on facebook groups and my timeline, telling people why they need second income to support whatever they are doing. Then after I suggest NNU income program as legit and best online earning program for Nigerians.
Example of what I post

“Hey Good day, am Robin a digital market. Over years I have searched up and down easy way to make money online as a Student but have been abortive.
Not long earlier this year, I found an online earning program that allows you to make money aside your work. This program is good for students, graduates and working class Nigerian.
Maybe you are still in doubt, if so inbox me your Whatsapp Number to chat with me directly or kindly join the whatsapp group using the invite link below. I will gist you more about the program. 

I either collect their whatsapp number or add them to a group where I educated people fully about the platform.

What will I do in the whatsapp group?

In the whatsapp group you educated them about NNU income program. Tell them how the income program works; show them enough proves that will bring conviction to join the program.

You can use other people’s testimonies (screenshot of alert).
Then, when you are done telling them about the platform and how they can earn money.

Ask them if anyone interested in NNU registration. By this means you will make a lot of money.

You can post on other social media platform like Twitter or online communities like nairaland.

Now you know about NNU and how it works. How you can get unlimited referral.


Let’s discuss how NNU makes their Money

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How NNU Makes their Money – NNU Registration Guide

NNU make their money through genuine way, that why it is hard for NNU Income program to fold.

They make their money through advertisement placement.

NNU has grown to a very large community. Rated as one of the most visited website in Nigeria.

Many people pay to place advert on the blog to reach a large audience and get their product or aims achieved.

By this they get money to pay their members.

Another way they make money is through Google advert, previous if you look well you will see Google adverts on their website. Which means that Google pay them monthly for allowing advert to be displayed on their blog.

There are still other ways that NNU income program makes their money but the above mentioned two are popular and major source of income.

What are you waiting for??? Go on with NNU Registration Now CLICKHERE

Final Words on NNU Income Platform

Making money online is all about risk taking, thing can change. I will advice you to join NNU income program now and make money for yourself while it is still on and trending.

Join now NNU Registration is still on and make cool cash online.

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