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Newspay Earning Bundle: Make N5, 000 to N150, 000 Weekly With Newspay Income Program.

Have you just heard of Newspay Earning Bundle and you want to know more about Newspay Income Program. How it works and how the money making goes. I will also be giving guides on Newspay registration.

Newspay Earning Bundle
Newspay Earning Bundle

Newspay Earning Bundle is just like NNU income program. You read news and get paid for doing little activities.

I have been a member of so many platforms that offers this money making opportunity – NNU, Wakanda, Blog9ja and so many others.

Hey, I have written review on NNU income Program do you care to read.

I will be doing review of Newspay Income Program from experience. This earning platform has been on for long, though I was doing my study to see how genuine they are.

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This is what I have to say about Newspay Earning Bundle

Newspay Income Program so far from my experience have been the best income program in Nigeria. Is far better than others including NNU from my view.


In Newspay Income Program you don’t need referral to get paid, while in NNU and others requires at least minimum of two referrals for you to get paid.

Newspay allows Free sign up (Newspay Sign up ), although earning is limited.
You get paid weekly; perhaps others pay at month ending.

Newspay Earning Bundle pays you all you earning starting from commenting to others.

Payment Proof - Newspay Income Program

Newspay Payment Proof
Newspay Payment Proof

Now you Can Register... CLICK HERE

How I Make Money From Newspay Earning Bundle

Newspay Income Program
Newspay Income Program

They many ways that one can make money from Newspay Earning Bundle.

Newspay Income Platform Is a news sharing platform that gathers news from events all around the world for you to read and get paid in return. Newspay benefits from your participation with them in that for every clicked Ad, they get paid a revenue of which you receive a share.

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How to Make Money From Newspay Income Program

After you are done with Newspay registration. The following shows my earning allocation.

  • You earn 50 naira for logging in daily.
    • You earn 2 naira for reading each news.
    • You earn 2 naira for commenting under each news.
    • You earn an additiona  2 naira for replying to someone's comment.
    • That is, 2+2+2 gives 6 naira to earn from each post.
    • You earn 100 naira for sharing a sponsored post on your Facebook or Twitter timeline daily.
    • You earn 1,000 naira referral bonus for each person you refer (referral is optional).

    How To Earn At Least N510 From Newspay Earning Bundle Daily

    Here's what I do every day to achieve that:

  • login in the morning, giving me 50 naira instantly.
    • I make just 30 comments and replies in the morning. That gives me 6 * 30 = *180* naira.
    • I go and watch movies or do something else, to have the zeal for more comments at night.
    • At night, I make another 30 comments and replies, giving me another round of 6 * 30 = 180 naira.
    • I then share the sponsored post on my Facebook and Twitter, and get another 100 naira.
    • So overall I get: 50 + 180 + 180 + 100 which is 510 naira EVERYDAY!!!
    • And the good news is that if you are not as lazy as I am,


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    Newspay Income Program Withdrawal

    Newspay pays every week, with a minimum of 5,000 Naira of the sum of your earnings. Which means so long as the sum of all your earnings is up to 5,000 naira, you can apply for withdrawal.

    Newspay Income Program
    Make Money Online

    Newspay Income Program: Newspay Registration Guide

    You only need a sign up token of 1,600 naira (which you can recover in 2 to 3 days of activity). I was as fast as that, despite my terrible laziness. You can purchase a registration coupon *ONLY* from approved coupon distributors.

    Note there is no free account in newspay income you must be ready to start earning
    N1,600 can’t make you poor, why not try it out. 


    For BUY COUPON CODE you can call or whatsapp me

    You Need My Help… Whatsapp Me or Call +2348104128059 (Robin)
    I can help you register and get your account Ready.

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    Final Words on Newspay Earning Bundle Program Review

    Newspay Income Program has been a genuine platform that I earn some penny from over months now. It really works for me great, it can work for you.

    I advice you to take advantage of this program now that is not yet popular like others.


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