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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review, Specification and Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review, Specification and Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – today I will be reviewing this new Samsung Galaxy brand popularly known as Galaxy S8 plus. This Smartphone has many features that made it different or special form other Samsung mobiles. In this post I will discuss this Samsung galaxy S8, its features and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has ability to resist water from damaging the operating system.  Let’s find out what Samsung is up to this time

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Specifications



  • ‘Infinity Display’ maximizes the nearly bezel-less screen
  • Its dimensions remain relatively reasonable for a big phone
  • Dust and water-resistant with a stellar IP68 rating
Samsung Galaxy S8 has large screen although is took it shape as a Smartphone to be held. Its screen is bigger compared to other Samsung Galaxy phones.  This killing Galaxy phone has two sizes but either of the sizes comes with Edge moniker with Samsung calling its taller curved screens the Infinity Display.

Samsung S8 is taller than Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this new Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S8) measures 159.5 x 73.4 x 8.1mm and weighs 173g.

Fingerprint scanner

  • Fingerprint sensor is awkwardly in the back now, and off-center
  • It’s right next to the camera lens, so expect a lot of smudges
  • Face unlock is wildly inaccurate, while the iris scanner is okay


  • 6.2-inch screen with a new 18.5:9 aspect ratio and HDR
  • Best-looking phone screen ever, even if mobile HDR video isn’t here yet
  • Immersive AMOLED display maxes out at Quad HD and defaults to 1080p

Samsung Galaxy S8 has the world best mobile phone display, because this phone has a lot of mega pixel. It’s all thanks to the impressive 88% screen-to-body ratio of Samsung’s ‘Infinity Screen’. The Galaxy S7 Edge had what we thought was a good 76% ratio, while the iPhone 7 Plus sits at about a 68% screen-body ratio.

Interface and apps

  • Stop hating on TouchWiz. It’s great software now.
  • Everything’s cleaner looking and new gestures offer menu shortcuts
  • The default keyboard could use improvements like emoji suggestions


  • Bixby Voice has now launched, but Google Assistant is also on board
  • Its Home, Reminders and Vision features are pre-loaded, but do very little
  • The physical Bixby button only serves to get confused with volume down

Specs and Performance

  • The best chipset we’ve tested, even if the phone only has 4GB of RAM
  • Promises to power the next generation of Samsung Gear VR games
  • 64GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot for more room
  • Stream audio to two bluetooth headphones at once
Even though it has 4GB ram but Samsung S8 has a very high processing speed and is very fast.



  • 12MP camera is the best on a smartphone thanks to new improvements
  • Snaps better low-light photos and video OIS is smoother than last gen
  • The camera app enables faster snapping, even if the camera launcher shortcut has moved to a less convenient location

If you are looking for a smartphone with good camera, you are very luck because Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has one. Its camera quality is dope, moreover everything is same with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge by surface the main camera has a 12MP sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus, a fast f/1.7 aperture and it captures large 1.4µm pixels.

Battery life

  • 3,500mAh battery capacity plays is safe following the Note 7 recalls
  • Day-and-a-half of power thanks to advanced battery-saving tactics
  • Takes 1 hour and 11 minutes to completely recharge
  • Fast and wireless charging are here, and so its USB-C
The battery life is supper, although I was expecting increase in its capacity. I was expecting 5,500mAh. But pretty cool to hear Samsung Galaxy S8 plus battery stay long. The battery has duration of staying a day without the battery been dead. This can happen when it is in constant use.

Cases and warranty

  • Official and third-party cases recommended for a phone of this size
  • Samsung Premium Care is a decently priced protection plan

Video Review- Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Review

In conclusion, I know that I have discussed in detail of Samsung Galaxy S8. This mobile phone worth buying; if you are thing of Smartphone to buy this new Samsung Galaxy is for you. Click on the link below to buy from any of the online stores.



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