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Keys TO Successful Blogging: Outrun Your Competitors

Keys TO Successful Blogging: Outrun Your Competitors

Welcome to my Edition of Successful Blogging 101, am Robinwely a blogger known for creative content writing. In this blog post I will share on basic blogging management. I started blogging 2016; one great mistake I made is not defining my goals in blogging. Sad to say I deleted my First blog, WHY? Because I don’t know the Keys TO Successful Blogging.

This post will give you tips on how to outrun your competitors. Actually is not easy to run a successful blog it takes your time, patience and money. That is why I do tell my clients that blogging is not an easy way to get rich.

Let’s get it started on this edition of Successful Blogging; cool down and read don’t miss any word is important.

Keys TO Successful Blogging – How to Build Your Blog

Your Choose of Niche

Yea choice of Niche is very important in blogging, from research I discovered that a based Niche blog rank higher that its counterpart.
The Niche you choose should be in line with your passion unless you will get bored of blogging. Mind you there is money in each available niche of blogging. Blogging is all about passion, blog on what that motivates you.

Identify Your Competitors

Yea this is great and mostly important, after you have made you your choice of niche. Then identify those blogs that rank high in your niche. Kill your time studying their works. Try to discover their secrets - reasons why they rank and what that makes their works different from others, If possible associate with them.
To be successful in blogging you need to learn for people. Discovering your competitors helps you to know what is new in your Niche.
As for me I follow my competitors see their view of my niche. Get their ideas combine it with mine and create a blazing atmosphere.

Great Content (Content Creation)

Content Writing is one of the key determinants for your blog position in your Niche. Having a great content is bae, but how can you achieve this.
1.     Be original
If you want to be a Successful Blogger and Outrun Your Competitors. You must be original, creative and hard working. To outrun your competitors you will not be a copy and paste blogger. Create your pattern of writing, and create your own world.
Try new things even though some will fail but don’t think of quitting. Create engaging contents that will keep your readers updated.
For you to create a great content you must involve research. Don’t be lazy, read from other bloggers and comment on their post. Make research on each topic that you want to write about. As you research you will improve on yourself and adopt new things+.


SEO- Search Engine Optimization still stands as the backbone of every blog. How your blog rank determines on your SEO and its associates. I will briefly discuss on some SEO tips.    

      Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is important, here the bot sent by various search Engines defines your blog aim through your Off Page SEO. This severs as the summary of your blog. For wordpress Users Yoast SEO is the best and those on blogspot you need some basic configuration to setup (Adding HTML codes to your template).
If you are not good at Off Page SEO, I advice you to hire SEO Expert to do the job for you.

      On Page SEO

This determines where your page lies on search engines. On Page SEO goes together with content Creation. Your need to know how to use your tags, keywords and a lot more. I will advise you to read on SEO from time to time. 

You can Buy Keyword Ranking Beast by Prosper CEO of tipsonblogging. If you adhere to the steps in this book you will drive many organic traffic from various search Engines. ORDER YOURS NOW

Note if you want to succeed you have to spend a lot, that book has all you need to know about SEO.


You might ask with is backlinks? Backlinks is having another blog link to your blog without do nofollow. I never knew what Backlinks does until the very day I ranked for Camon CX Review on Google search engine Top 3. By the following  day I found myself on the third page.

To me backlinks stabilizes your ranking on search engines moreover it also helps to boost your ranking. 

Get backlinks from high domain authority blogs, remember don’t spam it. In my next post I will teach you how to build backlinks for free and enjoy blogging.



If you gotten to this stage, then you have no problem. In this world I discovered that everything needs promotion. Your blog needs promotion; what matters is how you want to promote it.

They are various means of promotion

·        Using social media e.g Facebook – Facebook Page, twitter

·        Guest Post – accept guest post from people and also post on other blog. This will help you build backlinks and get popularity in your Niche.

In conclusion I believe that if you follow the steps above that you will build a successful blog that will rank on search engines. Adhere to the plans and build a winning blog.

Don’t miss my next week edition of Successful Blogging am still Robinwely.
If you need SEO ready articles you can reach me, I charge low bro.

My Next Post will focus on how to build Links – Backlinks

I hope this article is of great help; yea I believe so.
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