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How to Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard – Ad Network

 Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard

Good to hear, every day by day Google is improving blogger platform. Many bloggers on blogger platform got a message telling them that Google have disabled that ads txt Ad network. This article is based on how to solve this problem, many bloggers lose $$ of earning because of this issue. I will be looking at steps to Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard. Is very easy this will increase your earning.

This page contains the following
  • ·         What is Ads.txt
  • ·         How does Ads.txt works
  • ·         How to Setup Ad Network
  • ·         PPC Advertising Networks
  • ·         PPC Advertising Programs



The mission of the ads.txt project is simple: Increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers and is a simple, flexible and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory.

By creating a public record of Authorized Digital Sellers, ads.txt will create greater transparency in the inventory supply chain, and give publishers control over their inventory in the market, making it harder for bad actors to profit from selling counterfeit inventory across the ecosystem. As publishers adopt ads.txt, buyers will be able to more easily identify the Authorized Digital Sellers for a participating publisher, allowing brands to have confidence they are buying authentic publisher inventory.

How To Set Up an ads.txt File On Blogger Manually

  • Sign in to Blogger at
  • In the top left, click the Down arrow Down Arrow .
  • Click the blog you want to set up an ads.txt file on.
  • On the left, click Settings.
  • Under “Settings,” click Search preferences.
  • Under “Monetization,” find “Custom ads.txt” and click Edit.
  • Click Yes.
  • Copy the settings from your third-party monetization provider and paste them in the text box.
  • Click Save settings.
How to Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Ads.txt File Set Up for Adsense

If you want to set you your Blogger ads.txt file to publicly declare that Google is authorized to sell your ad inventory, copy and paste the code below in the ads.txt box :, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

How to Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard

How To Find Adsense Publisher ID

Your publisher ID is the unique identifier for your Adssense account and below is how to find it :
  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • In the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  • Click Account, then click Account information.
Alternatively, you can find your publisher ID number within your AdSense ad code. Just locate the AdSense code in the HTML source code of your website, and you’ll spot your publisher ID in a line like the one shown below:

How To Check Content of Ads.Txt File On Blogger

To check the content of your ads.txt file, go to

Hope the above method was helpful on How to Setup Ads.txt File from Blogger Dashboard.

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