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U Watch U8 Smart Watch Review – A Cheap Smart Watch $7.59

U Watch U8 Smart Watch Review – A Cheap Smart Watch $7.59

Have you been wondering on a cheap Smart watch to buy. Yyea you are in the right place. This page we will explore the features and details of U Watch U8 Smart Watch. I will tell you the benefits of buying U watch U8 Smart Watch. Let’s get started..

The following Are Features of U Watch U8 Smart Watch

Background Color

This watch contains three (3) background color option available in  U watch.

Watch Faces

This Uwatch comes with three unique watch faces: two analogue faces, and one digital face. The digital face can be easily set to either display the 24- or 12-hour style.

Background Colour

There are only three background colour options available in the Uwatch – black, pink and turquoise. Additionally, you can even set a custom background using a picture. Again, the basic idea here is “Design follows Function”. In this regard, a black background is the best option for better visibility and least offensiveness.

U Watch U8 Smart Watch Review – A Cheap Smart Watch $7.59
U Watch U8 Smart Watch 

Language Support

Many potential buyers had been scared away from the Uwatch due to the numerous non-English pictures around the web. What is a smartwatch good for if you can’t read the basic display notifications?
The truth is that the U8 is made by a Chinese manufacturer, but it supports a wide variety of languages, ranging from English and French to Spanish and many others.

Battery life

Unsurprisingly, the U watch smartwatch had a good battery life. Even though it is still recommended to bring Micro-USB charger with you whenever you are travelling, the U8 lasted for more than three days in standby mode and roughly 36 hours of regular usage.
The battery could honestly be considered as one of the best parts of the Uwatch, especially when compared to its more expensive counterparts.

IOs Support Lacklustre

All Android phones with Android OS 2.3 and above are compatible with the Uwatch after installing the BT Notifier application that is available for free. On the other hand, the level of compatibility with Android phones does not compare with what the Uwatch has to offer for the iPhone. Even though many of the applications function just fine when your iPhone is connected, the UWatch does not support notifications when used with iOs devices.

Play Music

U Watch U8 Smart Watch contains a small speakers on their wrist for someone who would like to listen to his or her favorite music. Sincerely speaking, I opine that a smartwatch should just be used as a kind of remote control when playing music on a smartphone,  of which U Watch U8 Smart Watch is good at it.

Camera Remote Control

The remote control camera feature is only limited to Android phones. Even though the U8 smartwatch does not come with a camera, it has a nice feature that allows you to trigger the connected smartphone’s camera to capture a photo on command.

U Watch U8 Smart Watch Review – A Cheap Smart Watch $7.59
U Watch U8 Smart Watch


The alarm feature on the Uwatch smartwatch is exactly the way it should be – simple and clear as well as independent of your phone. You can easily set up multiple alarms (up to 5) on the smartwatch that will be enabled by playing one of the many included tones or vibrate on your wrist.

Pedometer and Stopwatch

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will enjoy the simplistic offerings of this smartwatch. The pedometer and stopwatch are all that are offered in exercise applications. There is no heart rate monitor or calorie counter here.

Phone book

Even though many people claim that the Uwatch smartwatch can only synchronise contacts with Android devices, you can still bring in contacts from your iPhone into the watch using the same standard procedure.
Once synced, the phonebook allows you to call a person from your smartwatch directly. Thus, if the ability to make a call and also receive it on your U8 smartwatch is something you are interested in, then you should get this device.


The iPhone community has been left out in as far as notifications on the UWatch smartwatch go. The notifications are only available for the Android OS, and only after installing the BT Notifier application that is. Nevertheless, the alerts work reliably for both texts and calls.

U Watch U8 Smart Watch Review – A Cheap Smart Watch $7.59

Miscellaneous sensors – Barometer, thermometer, altimeter

There are the barometer and thermometer sensors that are included in the Uwatch U8 Pro smartwatch, but not in the basic version of the U8 watch for those who are passionate about keeping tabs on the weather conditions. You should, however, note that the watch only displays the barometric pressure and temperature of your present location only.
Also, since this function does not extend to the phone as the sensors are located in the smartwatch, you can only get the readings of whatever room you are currently in. That means that if you want to know how hot or cold it is outside, you will have to go outside first to get the accurate readings.

In conclusion

I will advise you to buy U watch U8 Smart Watch and enjoy using Smart watch.

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