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Simple Ways to Grow an Interactive Audience - Basic Blogging Strategy

Many bloggers dream is to grow active and awesome audience. There is nothing that gives a blogger joy than seeing his write-up been helpful to people. There is internal joy gotten by a blogger by having an active interactive audience. He or she has full conviction that any of her post is helpful and it must reach persons. Eventually turns to a solution.

Blogging is not how much you earn, but the quality of your work and reached audience. Although you can't make money in blogging unless you Identify the kind of audience you want to reach.

In blogging passion matters a lot. Passion infact defines everything about you.

The Following are Major Ways A Blogger Can Grow her Audience and Top Traffic

Blog For Passion

Your passion defines you, blogging is all about passion. Note that your passion defines your NICHE. Blog on  that particular thing that gives you joy and makes you feel happy.

Initially you can testify with me that this my blog has no niche before. After many research as a passionate blogger. Then I discovered that focusing on a particular NICHE is bae - the best.

Blog on a Particular NICHE

Like I said before, blog for passion then the money will keep coming in.... Sure. Choose area that interesting you much specialize on that area, explore the area. Like mine is technology and how tos - giving people guides.

Focusing on a particular NICHE makes your blog lively and can't get your visitors bored. Example - I believe that after reading this post as you scroll down that you will find another interest topic to read on.

I discovered that I spent more time on many blogs. Not because I want to but seen interesting topics that I can't let go.

Always Read

Before I specialize on technology as a NICHE. The boy have to go and survey other technological blogs that have come of standard. Spend a lots of time reading their write-up.

Be an active reader, if you want to write on a post read at least up to 3 other post by other bloggers on the topic to write on. Combining their ideas is great, it makes your work of quality and awesome.

Post Regularly - Be Original, Be Unique and Don't Copy Others.

Problems faced by many bloggers is copyright issues. Bloggers of today don't have time to cool down and write rather they copy.
Make your work original, stop copying.

At least drop not less than two articles in your blog every week. Consistency is relevant (very important).

Try as much as possible to give your audience original and quality work.

Stay Updated

Many bloggers are outdated - funny word sha.. give your customers updated news, recent trending stories. Make them feel current with the world advancement.

Use the current technology update on your blog. Employ new strategies  and welcome new ideas - development in blogging.

Make Sure That Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

Yea this is one of the major thing. For you to grow an interactive audience platform in your blog it must be mobile friendly.

How do I check if my blog is mobile friendly - for WordPress users you don't have to bother is automatic but incase you are using blogger platform like me

  • Quickly log to
  • Choose your blog
  • Go to THEME - click on it
  • Then when the page load finish 
  • Click on the right hand box setting icon 
  • Choose "show desktop theme on blogger" the first option
  • Now click save

Now you are done, hope you got it right?... if so no problem or notify me using the comment box below.

Reread Your Post After Writing

Many errors can occur in writing, no one is perfect.  And if one visits a blog that is full of grammatical errors I bet you if am the one I can't visit that blog again.

Rereading of post is very important before publishing. don't just hit the publishing button like that, reread ok.

Accept Guest Post

Welcoming other people's idea is the best, hear them. Allow guest post in your blog makes your visitors feel relevant and welcomed. This can grow you audience tremendously.

Have a Simple And Easy to Navigate blog (YOUR STRUCTURE )

Make sure you site is of simple structure not too complicated to go through. Or rather confusing, it dulls a visitors movement.

Have An Encouraging customer Care Service

The above without this is meaningless to me. Why? Because many people will always make inquiries form you. Ask you questions even the one you didn't expect.

You have to use some of the Customer care service to reach them.

One is to have an active EMAIL address
Use live chat app

Have a social media platforms - like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, & WHATSAPP
Is very important to have a very interactive audience.

Hope this write up is of help, please why not share.

Don't forget comments gives me joy.


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